Serpent and the Peacock Tarot

Minor Arcana

Serpent and the Peacock Tarot

the Courts

Serpent and the Peacock Tarot

Major Arcana

The Serpent and the Peacock Tarot

Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana cards are for the day to day mundane aspect of life. Each of the groups of numbers represent a particular energy around it.

The Courts

The Court cards are technically part of the minor arcana, but they carry a heavier weight than the numbered cards.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana represent Major long term lessons. Our soul's journey to enlightenment. The majors shine a flashlight on the big picture.

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How the Deck was Born

Many of you have asked for the inspiration behind the Serpent and the Peacock.. Here it is...

When I created the deck, I didn't know tarot. I was working on an astrology project I call the Mood of the Moon that utilizes discarded images from the medieval time period as it's theme. Astrology is a passion, and even more so as I approach my second saturn return. I do accounting and taxes by trait. Apparently, when you give me too much stress, my creativity becomes heightened. Some of the images that I was working with for the Mood of the Moon started to resemble the cards of the tarot. While my tarot knowledge is limited, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense that these images really wanted to come together and become it's own deck. I really feel like the deck created itself. It wanted to be born. And so it was.

I'm super happy at least some of you appreciate it as much as I do. It's not perfect, but I feel the inperfections add to the beauty of it. This website is dedicated to those that want to learn tarot- learn from the cards - let my free online guidebook be your guide.

February 21 2023 - I did a deep dive into the meaning of the art behind the pictures on the cards. The result was a limited edition borderless wide tarot of 89 art cards.
You may purchase it here. Completed Kickstarter campaign.

Much love to all xxoo - Carol Ann

Mood of the Moon