KEYWORDS - Seven of Pentacles

Faced with a choice. The bird in your hand or the two in the bush? A turning point. A fork in the road, especially on the job or financial front. Patience, Planning, Hard Work, Delayed Success.

Seven of Pentacles

Where the Five cards are often crisis points that can force change upon us by making something too uncomfortable to continue, the Sevens are also turning points but there is less anxiety and more that you have reached a natural fork in the road. This can indicate that you are ready to leave a job, take up a new line of work or are considering what to do with your money. This indicates change but you are more in control and especially with the Seven of Pentacles, the most stable of all the Seven cards. This is that moment where you are poised, ready to take action but you have to first decide what that action will be. This indicates that you have achieved much but must decide if you should rest on your laurels or look for a new challenge. The ball is in your court but give yourself time to assess your options. Its time for planning, patience, and hard work.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Seven of Pentacles could indicate that something is stuck. The Seven in all suits are about change or a turning point and reversed, the opposite of change is being stuck, unable to move because either the conditions aren’t right or you are paralysed by indecision. If that is the case wait, be patient and don’t be too proud to ask for help.

KEYWORDS - Seven of Cups

A fork in the road. Do you follow your head or your heart? Choices. Imagination, Illusion, Wishful Thinking, Lots of Options.

Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups often indicates that a choice must be made or that we have reached a point where we have to decide what path to take and this can bring us to a time of crisis. This is not a crisis in terms of what life might throw at us, but the crisis of having to make a decision. Whether in a relationship, a job or any situation where we have two or more possible paths to take, the Seven of Cups represents being in that stage of being pulled or drawn in multiple directions. We see in the picture how many different cups we have to choose from. It doesn’t indicate what path we should or will take, only being in that place where we are feeling torn. Yet at the same time, this indicates just how many choices and options that we do have available to us. In a broad sense, this card represents that there are multiple options and we are faced with making a choice. There are different options. This may also indicate wishful thinking, illusion, and fantasy.

Seven of Cups Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Seven of Cups, this could indicate that we are failing to see the advantages or that by having a choice means that we have options. The negative implications here could be feeling paralysed by indecision or thinking that we have no options.

KEYWORDS - Seven of Wands

Challenges. Competition. No time to rest. The body is weak but the spirit is willing. Not the time to give up. Stand your Ground. Protect Yourself. Defend Yourself. Do you have the energy to go another round?

Seven of Wands

After the triumph of the Six of Wands, it becomes apparent that there are more battles to fight, more uphill climbs and that the road to victory still has more miles to be travelled. You have done your victory lap and now it is time to get back in the saddle again. There is some hesitation when the Seven of Wands appears, an inner doubt as to whether you have it in you to muster the energy and resources again. Yet from within you find your second wind, you muster all your resources and you get back into the ring again. Whatever you are facing or whatever goal you are pursuing, it now becomes personal. You will not be defeated; you are ready to fight for what you believe in. You have integrity, inner grit, determination and you will prevail. The world, a situation or even other people might be against you but from within there is a cry that says ‘tough times don’t last but tough people do and I am tough’.

Seven of Wands REVERSED

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Seven of Wands, could be a literal reversal of its upright meaning in that challenges don’t materialise, help is at hand and things naturally fall into place. It also could mean that the challenges are more extreme but there is still a need to find your inner strength.

KEYWORDS - Seven of Swords

Secrecy. Something hidden that needs to be revealed Dig a little deeper. Betrayal. Dishonesty. Lies. Deception. Not everything is what it seems. Not everything is obvious.

Seven of Swords

The image on the card is a medieval cat. They are different from the domestic cats of today. This one reminds us of a striped hyena – also in the cat family. It represents deception, lies, suggesting that someone isn’t telling the truth, they are being dishonest or deliberately sneaky, stealthy or underhanded. However, while that can be the case it is more likely to suggest that the information is hidden for less nefarious reasons and that you either need to do more research, dig a little deeper or wait until you have more information. When the Seven of Swords appears in a spread it indicates that all the information you need in order to make a decision isn’t available or that everything is not as it seems. If you are buying something you should get it checked, do more research, and do not rely on what is on the surface. Dig a little deeper. The Seven of Swords represents that something is hidden and needs to be uncovered before proceeding.

Seven of Swords Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Seven of Swords often means the opposite of its meaning in an upright position. In that case, this can indicate that you can trust what you are seeing with your own eyes or what someone is telling you. This could also indicate that where you have misjudged or unintentionally misled someone in the past, you can right that wrong or set the record straight.