KEYWORDS - Queen of Pentacles

Self-sufficienct. Resourceful. Earth Mother. Fertility. Generous. Gratitude. The ability to make things happen and manage the resources you have.

Queen of Pentacles

As with all the Queens, the Queen of Pentacles represents a person in your life, yourself or the qualities she portrays. The Queen of Pentacles knows her worth, is abundant, mature and grounded. Whether rich with material possessions or not, the Queen of Pentacles knows who she is, has what she needs and is self sufficient. Within yourself, this represents a time when you can feel gratitude for your many blessings, whether they are perceived as riches by others or not. Pentacles represent money and the Queen of Pentacles suggests the quiet confidence to make or earn what is required, for she is self sufficient and very resourceful. The Queen of Pentacles also represents fertility and sensuality in all its forms and for both men and women it represents being in touch with your feminine side and power. Everything you need can be found within.

Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Queen of Pentacles suggests a disconnect within your inner power, a lack in confidence in your ability to be self sufficient or being controlled by people or situations that make it harder to express yourself. This can lead to feeling over burdened or having too much responsibility without the benefits or a failure to appreciate what you have to be grateful for.

KEYWORDS - Queen of Cups

Intuitive. Knowing what you want. The confidence to follow your heart. A sensitive caring empathetic nurturing mother figure. The feminine power within.

Queen of Cups

As with all four court cards, this can represent a person or a state of feeling. The Queen of Cups can represent a woman in your life or pertaining to the question that you are asking of the cards. Because Cups are the suit that represents the heart and emotions, the Queen of Cups can be a woman with a loving or a nurturing nature, who is emotionally available, wise or intuitive. The Queen of Cups is a woman you would go to for advice, who is wise and all knowing. This also represents your own inner feminine power and rather than an actual woman having those traits, you are able to find them by looking within. When the Queen of Cups is referring to you, whether you are a man or a woman, it suggests that you have all the power, wisdom and knowledge you need within. This can present the development of your intuition or even psychic abilities.

Queen of Cups Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Queen of Cups, can represent an inability to trust your own intuition and instincts or that you feel unloved or nurtured. It can indicate that you are looking to have your needs met externally, without realising that true power comes from within. You might feel suspicious of the intentions of a woman in your life, but it is more likely to represent feeling disconnected from your own power or that you need to nurture yourself more.

KEYWORDS - Queen of Wands

A mature and balanced approach. Confidence. Inner strength. Self-Assured. Being able to trust your own judgement. Knowing how to delegate and what is required to see something through.

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands, as with all the Queens, can represent an actual woman or the qualities that you can find or can draw on from within yourself. The Queens are mature, stable and centred. Where the Page of Wands can present the spark of a new creative idea and the Knight is that call to action, the Queen takes a more centred and balanced approach. The suit of wands represents fire and the Queen of Wands is holding a baby dragon. The dragon is often seen as the guardian of treasure. The treasure, in this case, is you. The Queen of Wands has integrity, she knows her own strength and trusts her own abilities and judgement. This represents an intuitive sense of knowing what you need in order to achieve your goals, what you can reasonably do on your own and what resources you will need to draw on. The Queen of Wands knows how to make things happen and so goes about it quietly and with an inner strength and confidence. This is a time to look within for the resources you need.

Queen of Wands REVERSED

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Queen of Wands can suggest a lack in confidence in your own judgement. In reverse or negatively aspected, this is less a lack of the positive aspects of the Queen of Wands and more a disconnect, with a need to take time to reconnect with your inner truth, intuition and resilience. A crisis of faith.

KEYWORDS - Queen of Swords

Mental maturity. Honest. Truthful. A balanced mind in terms of discretion, fairness and balance. Making decisions and sticking to them. Seeking the advice of a Wise Independent Woman. Single Mother.

Queen of Swords

As with all the Queens, the Queen of Swords can represent an actual woman, these qualities within yourself or approaching a situation with these qualities. The Queens are mature and balanced and Swords represent the mind, so here we have the embodiment of a wise, fair and balanced person or approach. She is also honest and truthful. If this represents in your life as a person, then this is someone you can approach for sound and balanced advice. If this represents an approach that is needed, then it is about looking within and trusting your own judgement. The true power of the Queen of Swords is balancing the intuitive and intellectual minds for that is where real wisdom resides. It might not be until you are tested that you appreciate the wisdom that comes from within and your ability to make wise and balanced choices.

Queen of Swords Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Queen of Swords could suggest that the fine balance between intuition and intellect has been disturbed. If there is indecision look at where you are being over analytical or where you are making assumptions. This card is all about balance and that includes balancing the intuitive and intellectual mind. Reversed, the Queen of Swords could become too cold and aloof.