KEYWORDS - Knight of Pentacles

Rallying of energy that takes form. A time of action or to ride into battle. Controlled steps in the right direction. A deliberate plan. Practical, Persistant, Responsible, Hard Working

Knight of Pentacles

Knights represent a time of action but the Knight of Pentacles is the most grounded and practical. He is also persistent, patient, responsible, and very hard working. This is all about deliberate action, with the Knight of Pentacles suggesting that you know what is required and how to go about achieving it. Plans become more concrete, a goal becomes more defined and you have a game plan. Preparation is the name of the game, taking action because you are prepared and because you have all your ducks in a row. In any endeavour, a determined and industrious approach is required and while it is still early in the life cycle of a plan or a project, you have enough information and resources to take action. Whether to do with a project or a stage in your life the ship has been provisioned and is ready to leave port – the journey can begin.

Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Knight of Pentacles suggests that you are not yet ready to take action. There is still work to be done, all the pieces aren’t yet in position or there are other delays. A lack of motivation could be the reason for a failure to launch or the conditions or the information you need isn’t yet available. Either way, there is a delay.

KEYWORDS - Knight of Cups

Prince Charming. The confidence to follow your heart. Pursuing the things you desire. A new love affair. Could also be creative passions.

Knight of Cups

Again, as with the Page of Cups, the Knight of Cups can represent a person or a state of being or feeling. If a person, this represents a young adult, either female or male, who is an emotional young person, intuitive but has yet to gain the maturity of the Queen or King. This is raw adolescent energy and this is how this is experienced. The Cups represent the heart and emotions and here this can represent romantic passion, a passionate love affair or even throwing yourself into your creative passions. You have the confidence to follow your heart, led by your intuition. The Knight is an untamed energy that you follow rather than try and control, with a lack of impulse control encouraging you to follow your heart where it leads. Knights also represent movement and they take action, so it could be that a love affair or a relationship moves to the next stage and can indicate a marriage proposal or engagement.

Knight of Cups Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Knight of Cups, could indicate the danger of acting rashly, or following your heart on a whim and not thinking through the consequences. You might be led by your heart or by your emotions, letting your heart rule your head. The negative aspect of this card could indicate false pride or bravado, believing that you are bulletproof.

KEYWORDS - Knight of Wands

Assertive action. Passion, Creativity and Forward Movement in the pursuit of a cause. Time to turn an idea into action. Creative Pursuit. Git’R’Done. Enthusiasm. Change of Home.

Knight of Wands

The Knight of any suit is a call to action. Where the Page is the birth of an idea or an ideal, the spark of inspiration or creativity, the Knight demands action. The Knight of Wands can create a sense of restlessness, an impatience to make things happen. The Knight can show up when you are ready to embark on a journey, begin a new job or even move house. The Knight of Wands is full of unbridled enthusiasm, determination and a belief that if you invest all your resources into something then anything is possible. This is a card that is full of exuberance and energy, willing to take on a new challenge and make things happen. The Knight of Wands could come into your life as a person displaying those attributes but is more likely to come from within.

Knight of Wands REVERSED

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Knight of Wands could mean a lack of motivation. Taking a headstrong approach without thinking things through, overly impulsive or can present as anger or frustration, especially if the Knight’s exuberance and need for action can’t find an outlet. Being held back by timing or roadblocks.

KEYWORDS - Knight of Swords

Time to move forward on an idea. Words with others are Direct and Honest. Arguments or Assertive discussions. A chance to clear the air. A mental or communication breakthrough. News or information arrives.

Knight of Swords

The Knight of any suit represents movement, the point where the seed planted with the Page reaches a point where action is required in order to take the next step. Swords represent the mind, all things intellectual and also communication and the Knight can be impulsive, so this could see words spoken that are very direct and honest. They may even need to be walked back but as a result can push through communication barriers. There could be arguments or assertive discussions but often this is what is required in order to get things moving. The Knight of Swords can be impulsive but can also give you the courage to speak up or act on an idea. There comes a point where you have to stand behind your words or an idea and the Knight of Swords represents that point, though you might need to work to control or manage this.

Knight of Swords Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Knight of Swords could indicate arguments, a lack of mental focus or being unable to move something past the ideas phase. The Knight of Swords is all about moving forward when it comes to ideas, communication and all things intellectual so reversed indicates a delay or blockage. News that you have been waiting for might be delayed.