KEYWORDS - Ace of Pentacles

New Financial Opportunities or beginnings. New financial ventures. The receipt of new revenue streams or opportunities. New Job, Raise, Promotion, Investment Opportunity.

Ace of Pentacles

All the Ace cards represent new beginnings, with something coming to life where before it didn’t exist and the Ace of Pentacles represents this in the material, physical or financial realms. It can suggest an offering, the granting of a financial loan or a financial gift. This might suggest a windfall, a lucky break or a win but if money wants to come your way, the Ace of Pentacles suggests that it will find a path. Money can be made available or found for a new purchase, project, journey or quest. If money is required to start or begin something, the Ace of Pentacles suggests this can be found or achieved. You might be the recipient of someone else’s generosity. We are told that money doesn’t grow on trees, but this card suggests that in this case, maybe it does.

Ace of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Ace of Pentacles could indicate that money or resources are blocked. You can’t find the money to begin the project, venture or purchase you want to make or that the timing isn’t right. Fear can block the flow of money, so focus on what you do have rather than on what you lack.

KEYWORDS - Ace of Cups

New beginnings. New Relationships. A new love affair. An outpouring of emotion. Good news. A pregnancy or engagement. Creativity.

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups can represent the start of a new love affair or something that triggers a new outpouring of feeling and emotion. Cups relate to the heart and the emotions, so here we have not just the start of something new but with a rush of new feelings. Here we see the dove ready to fly out of his nest to begin his new journey. It's a new chapter. This can signify news of a pregnancy, an engagement, a marriage, or anything that brings the sudden arrival of good news. The Ace is the first of the Cups suit and the emotion being unleashed is raw and new, so you don’t yet know what will come of this but there is potential. For that reason, the Ace of Cups suggests that this is a time for new beginnings, taking a step forward and embracing what is being offered, especially as it relates to matters of the heart, the heart itself and anything that you connect to on an emotional level, with something new and positive emerging. This can also represent an offer.

Ace of Cups Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Ace of Cups. Although Aces are regarded as a positive energy, regardless of the conditions, reversed or partnered with more challenging cards, this could be a caution against rushing into things. At the very least, this is a call to give yourself time to see how things play out.

KEYWORDS - Ace of Wands

New beginnings. Travel. Adventure. Quests. The start of a new creative project or endeavour. A new professional goal or venture. Inspiration. Saying yes. Establishing New Business. Good Health.

Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is the emergence of something new. A fresh idea, the launch of a new project or the start of a new creative venture. An Ace can be seen as the birth of something new, which can then take on a life of its own. Wands represent our passions, our talents, creativity and competitive spirit and the Ace is the birth of something new. This could even literally be giving birth to a son. The Ace of Wands suggests that this is a good time to begin a new business venture, to start a new job, to begin a new quest or project and even to begin a new journey, either overseas adventure or a journey into the world of study and learning. This could also be an establishment of a business. This is about taking the lead from what excites you and where you sense an opportunity for growth. It is time to expand your horizons and pursue possibilities. It is time to spread your wings and fly.

Ace of Wands REVERSED

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Ace of Wands suggests that the time might not be right to launch a new project. There might be delays or you haven’t done the necessary homework first. It could be that you lack the motivation or a belief in yourself. As a reversed card can mean the opposite of its upright position and the Ace of Wands is about new beginnings, this could indicate the end or completion of a project.

KEYWORDS - Ace of Swords

A rush of new exciting ideas. Original Thinking. Eureka moment. A thought or concept is birthed in the mind. Mental Clarity. Breakthroughs. Also Medical treatment, Surgery.

Ace of Swords

All the Aces represent the birth of something brand new and that means that where there was nothing there is suddenly something. All the numbered suits, from the One through to the Ten card, represent the journey that follows on from what is birthed with the Ace. As Swords represent the mind, communication and all things intellectual, this could be the birth of a new exciting idea, it’s a Eureka moment, which later leads to something tangible. It’s a breakthrough and the mind becomes clear. This does not cover the next steps, only that moment of creation that begins in the mind and can then go on to take form. The Ace of Swords stands suspended in the moment, ready to take form or if not followed up on eventually fade, but it is there to be seized. In a spread, the Ace of Swords indicates a good time to follow up on an idea or to start a new line of communication. May also indicates surgery.

Ace of Swords Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Ace of Swords could represent that you have writer’s block or you might be struggling to come up with an idea, an answer or how to start a conversation. That rush of new ideas and words that the Ace of Swords represents is somehow blocked. Often this can be caused by overthinking, for the Ace of Swords represents something that has taken on a life of its own rather than deliberately chosen.