KEYWORDS - Nine of Pentacles

The end of the journey is in sight. Struggles are now behind you. Smooth sailing ahead. Good things are about to come your way. Abundance, Success, Independence, Financial Gain, Luxury.

Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles is a positive card and suggests that the journey to the finishing line or to the end of a quest is just in front of you, with the challenges of the journey so far behind you and smooth sailing ahead. This is a moment to pause, wanting to savour what you have accomplished and the rewards ahead. The Nine cards are always the penultimate step in the journey but while the Swords and Wands suit, in particular, indicate one more challenge to overcome, that is not the case here. The message from this card is that you are almost there, with smooth sailing ahead. Good things are about to come your way, mainly through your own hard work and what you have achieved. There is a stillness about this card that asks you to pause and appreciate how far you have come and what you have achieved so far. It is a card of success, abundance, independence, financial gains, and luxury.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Nine of Pentacles could indicate that there is one more challenge to overcome and that you haven’t yet reached the point where it is smooth sailing. Or it could be that you have reached that point but you are failing to stop and appreciate this.

KEYWORDS - Nine of Cups

Beaming with Sunshine. Return of confidence. Smooth sailing after challenges. There is cause for feeling Content, Confident and Satisfied. Wishes come true. Good Health.

Nine of Cups

This is a successful card in that you can see the final outcome and there is a surge in confidence. In all four suits, the Nine is the penultimate step in the journey, with the end in sight. In the suit of Swords and Wands, this can indicate that there is one last hurdle or an obstacle to overcome, while for both the Cups and the Pentacles suits this usually suggests that there is smooth sailing from here. Because Cups rule our heart and our emotions, this can indicate a feeling of pride and satisfaction. We have been through the challenges and the emotional journey this has taken us on and while it is pleasing to know that there are positive outcomes ahead, there is also pride in how we have grown in strength and confidence. This is a time of success, rewards, and of wishes come true, not by random fate but because of what has been personally invested. We are beaming with sunshine.

Nine of Cups Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Nine of Cups, this could indicate being smug or boastful or on the other end of the scale, lacking the confidence to appreciate what you have accomplished or gifts you have to be grateful for. While this is ultimately a positive card, the downside would be anything that is blocking you from feeling a sense of accomplishment.

KEYWORDS - Nine of Wands

The finishing line is in sight. Victory is at hand. Smooth sailing ahead after one last push. Not there yet. Road Blocks. Delays. Worried? Yes. This is the worry card. Need to summon a sense of determination.

Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands represents the stage before completion, the penultimate step in a journey or quest. You can see the end of a quest, journey or project but you are required to dig deep and find the motivation, energy or perseverance to muster the strength. There may be road blocks and delays. This isn’t as challenging as other times when you have been asked to dig deep because this time the goal or the finishing line is in sight. You might be starting to feel weary and you are not sure if you still have it in you to catch your second wind again, especially if you have been called upon to do just that too many times in the past. The difference this time is that the prize is in reach, you can see what’s possible and nothing is going to stop you. You are ready to bring home the prize and carry yourself over the finishing line if that’s what it takes. You might be battle wary but you soldier on.

Nine of Wands REVERSED

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Nine of wands, could indicate a lack of being able to find that inner strength and resilience to make that final push or there could be barriers. You might be putting in the effort but you are not getting the rewards or you can’t see the point. If the way forward is blocked retreat and consider whether you might be going about it the wrong way.

KEYWORDS - Nine of Swords

One more challenge to overcome. Mustering the strength to battle on. Nightmares. Anxiety. Distress. Guilt. Remorse. Mental Anguish. Hurt Feelings. Fear or doubts about how to keep going.

Nine of Swords

There is no sugar coating these final two cards in the Swords suit, with the Nine and the Ten of Swords both challenging cards but at the same time indicating light at the end of the tunnel. The Nine of Swords can indicate a time where one has lost faith. There is fear, anxiety, guilt, remorse, and you doubt whether you can go on or find the strength to continue the battle. All you want to do is retreat, wave the white flag and declare the fight over. You are done. Your feelings are hurt. You have given all that you have to give but something is stopping you from giving up. This is about digging deep and finding the inner strength to go on, that this really is the last challenge and the last mountain to cross. Fear and anxiety can lead to a lack of faith in the future but it is not that there is anything to fear and more the mental exhaustion that this card represents.

Nine of Swords Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Nine of Swords can represent a surrendering to this process, a letting go and finding alternative ways to soothe the mind. This can indicate a time to take up meditation, spirituality or an escape into fantasy through books, movies or TV programmes. This is a healthy escape because the stress indicated by the Nine of Swords can impact your health.