KEYWORDS - Page of Pentacles

New beginnings, ideas for a new income stream. Financial talks, the beginning phase of new financial or business plans. Begin talks. Excellent Prospects.

Page of Pentacles

All the Pages represent the emergence of something new. This has not yet taken full form and will need to evolve, but this is the point when something can begin. Pentacles represent money but also the things that we value and therefore are ready to commit time and energy to. Things aren’t ready to take flight yet but there something can start to take form. The prospects are excellent. This can represent starting a new savings goal or plan or choosing to begin taking a smart approach to your own finances or a choice to make healthy new resolutions. The Page does not represent what form that will take or how and more the emergence of the new idea or concept. With time this can be explored but this is just the initial spark and not the final form that something will take. It is a good solid beginning on which you can lay a foundation. The owl reminds us to look within ourselves and be true to our inner wisdom and use our intuition to navigate though this new chapter in our life.

Page of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Page of Coins, this can represent a need to hold tight to your money, guarding against hasty choices or that you need to first do your homework.

KEYWORDS - Page of Cups

The birth of new feelings. The promise of or stirrings of romance. The taking shape of a new desire. New Suiter (admirer).

Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is the first of what are known as the ‘court cards’ and can represent an actual person or an experience. When reading the Page of Cups as a person, then this would represent a young person, either a boy or a girl but still a child. However, the Page of Cups is more commonly a childlike emergence of a new feeling or the birth of something that is still in an embryonic state. This is the start of a new feeling or new emotions about things are starting to emerge. This could be the first feelings of love or strong feelings towards something. The Page is immature, so this is something that is just starting to be felt. While your heart is in it your head it still missing. This can also indicate the return of yours self -confidence, as you begin to feel self-love return. Page of Cups can also mean the emergence of a new suiter (admirer).

Page of Cups Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Page of Cups, could indicate that it is too soon to know how you will feel about something or someone. More time is required in order to establish how you really feel, with a need to avoid rushing into things. This could also indicate a lack of self confidence, lacking the confidence to stand up for yourself.

KEYWORDS - Page of Wands

New entrepreneurial ideas. Creativity. Spark of ingenuity. The beginnings of a plan. The seed of a New Creative Idea. Impulse. Inspiration. Potential.

Page of Wands

The Page of Wands represents that a new creative or innovative idea is coming to life. There is an impulse of creativity that could eventually lead to a new quest, a professional venture, journey or a chance to embrace a hobby or a talent. This is the energy where you realise ‘I can do that’. This is the birth of a new dream, to travel, explore or to see how far putting your time and energy into something that excites you, your passions, competitive or creative spirit can take you. This is the seed of new potential, with something being born that if nurtured could lead to success. You might feel restless, as though you are being called to something but you are not sure what. The Page of Wands doesn’t have form or substance but is the moment that a spark of invention, creativity and innovation comes into being.

Page of Wands REVERSED

Reversed or with challenging cards around it, the Page of Wands could be a lack of motivation, inspiration or even writers or a creative block. The ideas aren’t coming, you can’t seem to motivate yourself or you don’t yet have enough information. The time might not be right, with the Page of Wands rarely coming when summoned, for you don’t call on it, it calls on you.

KEYWORDS - Page of Swords

Clever. Witty. Chatty. New ideas. A new way of looking at things. Curious. New information or news. A message that changes the way you think about something. New thoughts for the future.

Page of Swords

Swords represent the human or intellectual mind in all its different forms and the Page of any suit is the emergence of something new that comes into form where before there wasn’t anything. This can see new ideas or thoughts start to immerge. You might receive new information that changes the way you look at or think about things. You are clever, witty, and even chatty about your new information. The Page of Swords will sharpen your mind and create a sense of curiosity, where you are hungry for new information and knowledge. You have a thirst for knowledge. This is a time to collect information, do research and explore your options but also to begin new talks. It is not the Page’s job to see things through but to provide that initial spark that can start a new conversation, a new line of research or a new idea. The beast itself in the card makes for a curious creature for to use your imagination as to what he may be.

Page of Swords Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Page of Swords can represent a lack of clarity. A struggle to come up with fresh ideas, a communication barrier. This can also represent writer’s block. Something that is as clear as mud. It just doesn’t flow.