KEYWORDS - Six of Pentacles

A reversal of fortune for the better. Help to overcome a financial obstacle. The end of a period of financial anxiety. An act of Generosity. Helping hand. Prosperity. Change for the better.

Six of Pentacles

The Five and Six of Pentacles are intrinsically linked. While the Five of Pentacles can indicate a time of financial crisis, the Six of Pentacles indicates the breakthrough on the other side. This is a card that suggests that help is at hand, there is a benefactor who can help you out or that you have triumphed over a challenge. This is the card of generosity or benevolence towards you, where you are the recipient. Appreciating the struggle you have been through, you want to pay it forward, by being generous to others. This is a card of abundance and of money flowing more smoothly but after first going through a trial of some sort where this can be better appreciated. You have a better appreciation of what you have and of the value of money itself. You are typically happier and are able to manifest what you need as the boy in the card manifesting his next meal. If you have been helped you may want to help others. This creates the good karma.

Six of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Six of Pentacles could indicate that you have failed to make changes when faced with a financial challenge or are stuck, repeating the same mistakes. You could be stuck in old habits, financial or otherwise and can’t move through a time of crisis to the change that is possible on the other side or that you are not paying it forward.

KEYWORDS - Six of Cups

Sunshine after the rain. A sense of serenity. Acceptance. Nostalgia but not with regret. Innocence. Memories. Appreciating in hindsight what you didn’t at the time

Six of Cups

This is the ‘sunshine after a storm’ card or that sense that everything will look better in the morning. After the darkness of the Five of Cups, this is the emergence into the light at the other end of the tunnel. Here you are feeling positive, invigorated and empowered but only because of what you have been through and have survived. You know what adversity, pain, suffering and loss looks like and you are ready to embrace life on the other side. There is a sense of serenity with the Six of Cups, not because you have escaped life’s challenges and more because you have faced them and have survived. You are no longer interested in sweating the small stuff. This is also a card of nostalgia, for looking back and reconnecting with memories of the past, with a desire to get back to the things or people you have neglected or forgotten while dealing with life’s challenges. Kind of a sense of returning to childhood home.

Six of Cups Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Six of Cups, this could have you looking back on the past through rose coloured glasses, believing that life was better and simpler in the ‘good old days’. It can also represent getting stuck in the past, unable to move on.

KEYWORDS - Six of Wands

The other side of the crisis point the Five of wands brings us to. Exciting change. New opportunities opening up. Things start to move again. Triumph over adversity. Success. Victory. Accomplishment. Recognition. Good News.

Six of Wands

The Six of Wands represents that situation where we can look back at hard or difficult times and see things from a different perspective. At the time all we could see are the multiple challenges, the effort, the fear and anxiety, yet it is by going through those trials and tribulations that we feel victorious. This would never have felt so good if we had an easy ride. If we got a free pass, experienced no obstacles and faced no challenges we could never experience the ecstasy of the Six of Wands. This is when we punch the air and declare that we ‘did it’. Good news, for victory and success have arrived. The challenges you have faced, the demons confronted and the obstacles overcome are your badge of honour. With a fresh lease of life and a new belief in yourself, you are ready to embrace the changes ahead and do your victory lap. There might be praise, recognition, fame or acclaim from others.

Six of Wands REVERSED

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Six of Wands, is the tragedy of not getting to this point. It might mean that you have to go back to the lessons of the Five of Wands, where you are forced to face inner demons, your fears and especially a fear of change. This is the victory on the other side of a crisis and if you took shortcuts you might have to go back and repeat the previous steps.

KEYWORDS - Six of Swords

Transition, Relocation. Forward movement. Liberation. Empowerment. Moving away from difficulties or a bad situation. Moving towards opportunities or success. Calm after the Storm. Hardship has been Overcome. Progress.

Six of Swords

Of all the numbered Swords, this card is the most positive and suggests a sense of transition, liberation, and forward movement. After the crisis point reached in the Five of Swords, where a situation had to be accepted, you are now feeling lighter as a result. It’s the calm after the storm. In the illustration, the sails have been raised and are full of air, with the power to push the boat forward. After a period of stagnation or where you have been forced to make difficult decisions, you are ready to move forward again. You have the wind back in your sails, you feel energised and you are ready to venture forward. This suggests progress and growth, signs of success, and most of all, signs of movement. This can be a physical relocation, or just feeling that you are no longer in a mental rut. This could indicate rushing towards opportunities, moving away from a difficult situation or seeing life through a new, more positive lens.

Six of Swords Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Sword of Six could indicate that instead of the release and movement found in the upright position, things are instead delayed or stuck. Whether you are stuck in a mental rut, external conditions don’t allow for movement or the timing isn’t right, something is delaying things. It could be a matter of waiting for the right tides.