KEYWORDS - Four of Pentacles

Holding onto what you have. Financial stability. Savings. Warning against holding on too tightly and not sharing. Greed. Unwillingness to pay it forward or help others can impede the flow.

Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles is a card that is neither fully positive or fully negative and can be read either way, depending on your reality. On the one hand, the Four of Pentacles represents a time of financial stability and security. You might not be rich but you have what is required to make ends meet and don’t want for anything. You can feel safe in what you have achieved or accumulated. Yet in the card, you can see that he is holding on tight to what he has, ignoring the hands reaching out to him to either support or ask for help. The flow of money stagnates when it stops and while you need to embrace a feeling of stability and security, if you only hold onto what you have then the flow will stop. Be cautious of greed. Generosity to others can keep the flow going, as can letting others help you.

Four of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Four of Pentacles can indicate hoarding, holding onto a false sense of security, unwilling to spend money on yourself, others or the things that need investing in. It could indicate a lack of resources but being too proud to ask for help. There is a fine line between stability and being stuck. You can save for a rainy day but money is a living energy that has to flow.

KEYWORDS - Four of Cups

Boredom. Depression. Apathy, Self-Absorption. A time for contemplation and re-evaluation. Listen to your heart. A time to Meditate. Wait before moving on.

Four of Cups

The Four card is stable, solid and unmoving and in the other suits, this can have a stabilising effect. However, as Cups rule the heart and the emotions, which are always fluid, here this can be restrictive and can lead to feeling depressed, stuck or trapped, either in a relationship or by any life situation. This can lead to feeling stifled, paralysed by indecision. Because of that, this can lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction that you can’t put your finger on. If you knew where it was coming from you could change it but you can’t, leaving you feeling stuck and paralysed. Yet despite how this feels at the time, this is positive, for it means that you can sense change ahead. This is often followed by new movement, but first, you must confront some truths, either about yourself or others. Often this can be a time when answers are right in front of you but you can’t see them, too focused on what isn’t going right or on what feels wrong. It’s a great time for meditation, reflection, and self-evaluation.

Four of Cups Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Four of Cups, could indicate that you are starting to feel depressed or that a situation is weighing heavy on you. This can be a time when you can’t see the wood for the trees and it would be helpful to step back or step out of a situation in order to gain some perspective. There is also a caution to be wary of gossip.

KEYWORDS - Four of Wands

Regrouping. Doing your homework. Quietly working on a task, toiling in the fields. Structure, Stability, work ethic and boundaries. Coming Home. Feeling Safe and Secure. Family. Friends. Reunions.

Four of Wands

The whole Wands suit is about enthusiasm, passion, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit, seeing a goal and going after it with enthusiasm. Yet the Four is about structure, staying put and the hard slog that anything needs in order to be accomplished. When the Four of Wands shows up in a spread the initial enthusiasm of starting something new may have worn off and now it is about the work required the see things through. This can also represent your home and family and can represent a stable and balanced period in your life. We can’t always live life on the edge and the Four of Wands represents a time of being grounded, either in your job, the work you are doing, the task at hand or your family life. It’s a time to fee comforted, safe and secure. This is also a time for feeling satisfied with the fruits of your own labor, knowing that you have accomplished something.

Four of Wands REVERSED

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Four of Wands, you might be feeling stuck or becalmed. You might find it hard to put down roots or that things feel out of balance. Instead of feeling satisfied by the hard work you are putting in you might feel bored, unsatisfied or under appreciated. There could be challenges at home.

KEYWORDS - Four of Swords

Rest, Retreat, time for Contemplation. Withdrawal. Seclusion. Rejuvenation. Time to heal or to hide away and meditate. A time for Stillness and isolation as you rest and regroup.

Four of Swords

Despite the fact that this is the card of withdrawal and even isolation, this is a positive card. The card represents a body laid to rest, with the sword representing the battles waged, won and lost while alive. It’s a time of stillness, meditation, seclusion, a withdrawal from the noise of life and the importance of time out in order to quiet the mind. In this seclusion, a new tree of thought patterns begins to emerge. When this period is over, you will then come back to life with a new outlook on the situation. The whole Swords suit is mentally active and the Four offers a chance to mentally come to a complete rest. While Swords are an intellectual suit, this indicates a need for time spent meditating and letting your mind go still. You won’t stay here forever, but for now, the reset will be good for body, mind and soul. It will also help with decision making on the other side. You need a break.

Four of Swords Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Four of Swords could indicate that the withdrawal this represents wasn’t of your choosing. This could include having to spend time in isolation due to illness, delays or even because of incarceration. If you are being forced to recuperate, are frustrated because of delays or hold ups and this is creating anxiety, this suggests a need to not just surrender but see this for the opportunity that it is.