KEYWORDS - Five of Pentacles

Anxiety over money. Struggling to make ends meet. Financial hardship. The ‘poverty’ card. Worry, Isolation, Financial Loss. Ill Health.

Five of Pentacles

This is known as the ‘Poverty’ card, not because it implies that you will experience or have experienced poverty and instead is often a poverty mindset. This includes anxiety over money, worrying about how we are going to make ends meet, pay the bills or get out of what is perceived to be a financial trap. It is less the lack of money and more the anxiety itself that can cause distress. The Five cards can represent reaching a crisis point and this can imply that a financial crisis but crisis is another word for a turning point. The cat in the card appears to be carefully trying to walk a narrow line, while behind him are the coins that he could access if he turned around and opened his eyes. When we reach a financial crisis we often find ourselves saying ‘I can’t go on like this’ and it is at that point that change is possible. This is the dark before the dawn.

Five of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Five of Pentacles turns this often challenging card into a positive one. A reversed card often implies the opposite of its meaning in an upright position, so instead of financial hardship or anxiety over money it could indicate good news or fortune or that you have enough to make ends meet. It could also indicate a financial turnaround.

KEYWORDS - Five of Cups

Loss, Regret, Grief, Abandonment. Looking to the past. Sadness. Relationship challenges. Conflict or complete breakdown when we are being put to the test.

Five of Cups

The Five of Cups can be the card of heartache but in the arc and range of human feelings and emotions, it is something that we must all experience from time to time. This can indicate a loss, a relationship challenge, conflict or breakdown or a time when either we or a relationship is being put to the test. This is also sadness and grief. As the Cups represent feelings, it can represent a situation where our feelings have been heard or something or some has upset us. This can also indicate looking to the past with regret or even indicate the grieving process. This is a card of loss but it is also a card that represents something to be gained from the process. You will grow as a person from this and either a current or future relationship will be stronger and more authentic as a result, especially if you feel rather than suppress any strong emotional responses.

Five of Cups Reversed

Reversed Even reversed or with challenging cards around the Five of Cups, this is a card that in this position takes on positive connotations. We can feel strengthened, feeling immune from adversity, with a sense that you can overcome anything, that you are bullet proof. This can also see you welcome a chance to step back from others and into your own solitude, especially in the pursuit of anything creative.

KEYWORDS - Five of Wands

The natives are getting restless. A time of crisis or facing Challenges or Obstacles. Too many demands. Overworked. Necessary tension. Disagreements. Fights. Conflict. Resisting change but also lots of change ahead.

Five of Wands

The Five of Wands can indicate rising tension, a pending crisis that is necessary in order to set the scene for change and to guard against stagnation. Sometimes the struggle, crisis, obstacles, or challenge can be identified but sometimes it can’t be named, just a sense that tension is building. You might start to sense that things are about to change and a fear of change can create tension. Things must change in order to grow and evolve so rather than resist, let this play out in order to create a space for something new that is wanting to emerge. This can be a point where the going appears to get tough, where you are juggling too many balls in the air at one time. There can be disagreements, fights, and conflict. You might feel that something isn’t right but are confused as to what to do about it. Often it is the resistance itself that creates tension. It could indicate that you are staying in a job or a situation because of the money or a false sense of security.

Five of Wands REVERSED

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Five of Wands puts a more positive spin on this card. Instead of feeling stressed, you might welcome the change or the crisis point that you are approaching. Instead of fearing the losses that change might result in you are ready to take the risk and trust that something better awaits.

KEYWORDS - Five of Swords

Aggression, Bullies, Theft, Violence. Acknowledging that this isn't going to work. Conflict, Disagreement, Defeat. Being put to the test. Winning at all costs. Abusive Relationships. Caution again reckless decisions.

Five of Swords

As with all the numbered cards in the Sword suit, there can be some mental tension but the Five of Swords is often a turning point where we have to accept a situation. This is only reached by facing a moment of crisis head on. There is a point where we realise that we have taken a wrong turn, have taken on too much or that something is not going to work and we either need to admit defeat or that something isn’t going to work. The Demons are out. This presents itself in the form of one or more of the following: conflicts, disagreements, thefts, bullies, aggression, defeat, violence, defeat, or even abusive relationships. Often, because of this, as we drop the pretence or the pressure of making something work that was never meant to, there can be a sense of relief. You might end up having to redo a project, undo hours of work or end a relationship or situation, but it has become clear that it can’t continue. This can represent that moment where you throw your hands up and say ‘I can’t do this anymore’. Cut your losses – it’s time to move on.

Five of Swords Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the Five of Swords could indicate a failure to let go or accept a situation and instead put more effort into making something work that wasn’t meant to. The more you try to make something work the more anxiety and mental fatigue this can create.