KEYWORDS - The King of Pentacles

Power and control of your material resources. The Business Man. Successful. Rich. Taking your power back. Seeking advice from or dealing with a financial or other professional.

King of Pentacles

The Kings represent authority figures or your inner masculine strength and sense of purpose. The King of Pentacles is the master of the material world, with the ability to manage your resources and take a practical and firm approach to decision making. He is the business man. He is successful, stable, and rich. As this can represent an authority figure in the material or financial world, this can represent a bank manager or financial professional that you are seeking advice or an answer from. However, it also indicates that the authority of the King of Pentacles is within you and that you have power and control over your own financial destiny. By taking a firm and proactive approach to money matters you can take your financial power back. This card suggests that this is a good time to make firm decisions and plans while knowing how to work the system.

King of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the King of Pentacles, suggests a loss of power or lack of control over your material reality. The King of Pentacles represents power and control over your physical and material resources, while reversed this can mean a lack of power or control. It might be that this is not actually the case and more that you feel disempowered.

KEYWORDS - The King of Cups

Depth of feeling. Standing your ground with confidence. A kind, caring, compassionate or charismatic man. Emotional maturity. Wisdom.

King of Cups

The King represents the most powerful form of self expression and is the fully formed and mature male essence. Whether you are a man or a woman, where the Queen represents your feminine power, the King represents your masculine power. The Queen feels but the King takes action, though not in the reckless way that the Knight might approach things. The King is a mature expression of your masculine power, in control of your feelings, confident in your decision making and in charge of your own destiny. The King of Cups might enter your life as a man you can trust, who is mature, wise but connected to his emotional side. This is a man you could trust and rely on or it suggests that you have those qualities within you, allowing you to take charge with confidence. This is a card of strength and responsibility but balanced with emotional maturity. There is nothing cold about the King of Cups. He is kind, compassionate, and wise.

King of Cups Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the King of Cups, could represent a male in your life who is emotionally detached, that you can’t connect with or who manipulates or tries to dominate. This can also be a failure to recognise or connect with your own inner masculine power, feeling that you don’t have the confidence to take a stand or to take decisive action. Yet the power is there.

KEYWORDS - The King of Wands

Taking action or charge. Authority, power and control. Bold Leader. Fearless. Determination. Skills and confidence to make things happen. Business Minded. Controlling. Hot Tempered.

King of Wands

The King of Wands can represent a man with a strong sense of confidence, exuding power, an authority figure or an entrepreneurial spirit, an inner strength that allows him to make things happen. He also brings others along with him and is a leader. The King of Wands can help us find or express those qualities within yourself. This is a King that doesn’t defer to anyone, he knows what needs to be done and he knows that he has qualities and skills to make it happen. The King of Wands doesn’t delegate and instead, his role is to guide and protect others, taking on the risks, bearing the responsibility and putting in the hard work to see something through. If the Page of Wands represents the spark of a new idea, then the King of Wands brings that idea to fruition. This is a time of action and not talk.

King of Wands REVERSED

Reversed or with challenging cards around the King of Wands, can represent someone in your life who is over controlling or who is trying to dominate. It could also represent a lack of confidence to step into a leadership role or take responsibility. You might find it hard to believe in yourself or to take the bold stands that the King of Wands requires. A lack of confidence to take back your own power or someone holding too much power over you are both negative aspects to the King of Wands.

KEYWORDS - The King of Swords

Moral leadership. Strength of mind. Superior Intelligence. Staying strong and focused no matter what the situation. Mental strength and fortitude. Academic achievement. Manipulative.

King of Swords

All the court cards, which includes the Pages, Queens, Knights and Kings can represent actual people or that you can or need to approach a situation with their qualities. As an actual person, the King of Swords is the pinnacle of masculine power and authority, so this would be a mature man who is intelligent, mentally focused or you can go to for advice and trust the knowledge they possess. This would include professions such as a doctor, a solicitor or an accountant, who has studied academically to gain the knowledge they have. This could indicate that you are ready to undertake such academic training, calling on the fortitude and discipline that the King of Swords possesses. If this presents as a quality, then it is time to take a firm stand, based on information and facts, rather than making assumptions. This can also be about sticking to your word, a decision or a resolution.

King of Swords Reversed

Reversed or with challenging cards around the King of Swords could indicate someone in your life that is over controlling or domineering. In an upright position, the King of Swords can be trusted so reversed this could indicate a lack of trust, either in yourself or in the advice you are getting. It could indicate that it would be wise to get a second opinion.